Fast, Fun, and a Great Workout


Gym hockey is played in a gymnasium using plastic sticks, a felt puck and sneakers. We are a group of 22 people who get together twice a week for a friendly pick up game. It takes a minimum of 8 to have a game and we usually draw between 8 and 15. Our current age range has varies from 15  o 70.

Gymhockey has all the passing and team work of hockey but without the danger. There is no contact (no checking) and the sticks or pucks won't hurt you. The puck is regulation size but made of felt.

It's a great workout.

We are open to having new players. If you love hockey, you'll love Gym Hockey!

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Welcome to Gym Hockey

Plastic sticks,

a felt puck, and

running in sneakers.

It's a great work out and a lot of fun.